I am a mom of four wonderful children, three of whom are special needs. Our very busy home also includes my husband, who works in IT, a dog, two cats, and a fish.  My children are 17, 15, 11, and 10.  I currently homeschool the ten-year-old and her cousin.  Don’t tell my husband, but I would like very much to add a tarantula, lizard, or snake to the family.  And because I love horror stories, I thought adding a baby to the mix would be a good idea; we’re still working on that one, though.

I currently work as a freelance editor for Apex Publications (Magazine and Book Company) and as a speculative fiction writer.  I also run littledragoncthulhu.com, where I sporadically write reviews of science fiction and fantasy things of all sorts.

English is my passion.  I adore storytelling in all its forms.  Short fiction, theater, poetry, film, oral tradition, song… every medium has its own beauty, has something to teach.  Horror and fantasy are my favorite genres, but I also have enjoyed works in nearly every genre.

I also speak Spanish and have done some translation, but not in an official capacity.  I spent 5 months living in Guadalajara, MX with a host family and attending Universidad Autonóma de Guadalajara.  At Webster University I took advanced Spanish literature, theater, and history classes as well as the grammar and conversation courses.  I teach Beginner Spanish at Maverick Learning Center, and will also be teaching Intermediate next year.

My personal beliefs are mine, and I generally have felt like they wouldn’t belong on my biography.  The industry is changing; racism, misogyny, and genral bigotry and asshattedness have been pouring out of its wounds.  If you enjoy my writing, enjoy it for its own sake.  Do not make bigoted remarks part of my already busy and complicated life (see above).  You don’t have to agree with me, and now you will know what we agree or disagree on and move on with our lives.  So here I am: unabashed atheist, democratic socialist, pro-choice, LGBTQ+ allied, feminist*.

*not misandrist